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Rescue Rally

In a delightful show of resiliency, the 67 dogs that were rescued by the SPCA of Wake County were introduced to the public in a “Big Heart in Small Dogs” event at the SPCA adoption center last night.

After partnering with the Humane Society of the United States in the rescue effort, most of the 80+ dogs were taken to the SPCA holding facility. There, veterinarians, staff and volunteers took over by examining the dogs, cleaning and grooming and photographing them. The result was extraordinary. Dogs that had been in cages their entire lives, covered with all types of bad materials, were brought back to some level of normalcy.

Astoundingly, these dogs showed their true nature — wanting to love and be loved.  Most were eager for human companionship and found that need met by those who were determined to provide them a phenomenally better life.

In spite of what these dogs had been through, they played with each other and cuddled with the visitors.  As one guest commented, “that’s what dogs do.”